Bondi Removals, best Furniture Removalists Sydney has got!

Posted by: Peter on Oct 3, 14 | Comments Off on Bondi Removals, best Furniture Removalists Sydney has got!
Yes that’s true, now you can ship your furniture all over Sydney worry free because Bondi Removals will take care of all your woes. All you need to do is, just load your belongings and leave the rest on the expert hands of this Furniture Removalists Sydney. Bondi Removals consists of an array of well trained and experienced professionals that have been serving their customers with utmost care since 1980. Yes that long! Their service consists of more than required services you can ask for. To begin with, we’ll talk about their packing facilities first, either you can do it or ask them to do so under your presence. If you chose the second option, you’ll be overwhelmed to see their quality service. Packing boxes can be easily rented if buying doesn’t seem a wise decision to you. You can also use their storage facilities on weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirement. The goods kept are well insured prior to labelling and coding. The warehouses are dry, partitioned and fairly ventilated. Furniture are covered with blankets and kept on pallets. Regular cleaning and fumigation is done which is free of cost. Ample measures are taken to ensure safety and precautions are installed to combat any emergency. Lockers are highly secured and can be accessed only by the customers. If you’re thinking that this service is expensive then let me correct your wrong notion. The prices are quite reasonable. There is no bond or quotation; you have to pay per hour of service taken. You don’t have to buy the locks, they can be rented. Prior intimation in writing about using the vaults isn’t mandatory. Cash and credit cards, both are equally welcomed. Still if you’re not satisfied about this Furniture Removalists Sydney serviceis proud of, then you can leave your queries at or get in touch directly at 24*7 services that will further make sure to erase all your doubts.