Bondi Removals: One stop solution to all relocating concerns

Posted by: Peter on Sep 27, 14 | Comments Off on Bondi Removals: One stop solution to all relocating concerns
Relocating in itself is a very tedious task as transporting your valuable goods involves the risk of wear and tear in transit so, while choosing a relocation company it is important that you conduct a survey to ensure that it has a dedicated team of experienced professionals determined in providing assured quality services. One such company that instantly strikes our mind is Bondi Removals serving their clients’ since 1980 in and around the cities and suburbs of Sydney and also interstate. The service provided by them is a total worth for money that you invest on them. Whether relocating your home or your office they transport all sorts of goods ranging from furniture, vehicles to kitchen essentials. The best part about them is flexibility. They charge on hourly basis of service. There is no bond or administration fee. They also provide storage facilities. The goods are stored till the time you want. The storage rooms are cleaned and fumigated with utmost care. Proper ventilation is provided and the goods are packed with packaging material apt for the commodity. Clients’ name and code is marked as they enter the store rooms and are continually monitored to prevent accidents. In case of mishaps, customers are immediately informed. They also provide insurance against the goods. Bondi Removals can also help you with packing facilities if required. Packaging materials can be procured or rented depending on clients’ requirements. Now, you must be wondering that this must be pretty costly but trust us; you will be charged only for the services availed. Payments can be done in instalments depending upon the duration of your goods’ storage. The payment can be made either by credit cards or debit cards. Cash payment is another option. Should there be any information needed, just login to our official website for further details. We would be more than happy to serve you.