Bondi Removals, the best Storage Sydney has got

Posted by: Peter on Oct 3, 14 | Comments Off on Bondi Removals, the best Storage Sydney has got
If you are searching for a shipment company that will handle your goods with utmost care from the moment they enter your house till unloading and that too at an affordable rate, try Bondi Removals perhaps, the best agency in Sydney. This company was established in 1980 and since then, its sole aim is to deliver quality service to their customers with a team of well trained and experienced professionals who do not give any room to carelessness. Their variety of services includes packing, storing and transport facilities neither of which is mandatory. Customers are free to make their choices and they’ll just do the needful. Packing boxes can be easily availed. If you don’t want to buy the boxes, you can also rent it according to rates available at their website. Should any circumstance arises where you won’t be able to receive your belongings on due time, you may ask them to store your goods for you. Storage Sydney Bondi Removals have well designed, state of art storage facility and can be rented on weekly or hourly basis. The warehouses are dry, usually separated by partitions.Furniture is covered with blankets and stacked on pallets to allow air circulation. Plastics are used to cover beds while rest are covered with pads or bubble plastics as per suitability. As soon as the goods arrive, it is labelled and coded to mark the identity of the owner and stored properly. The lockers are kept under security surveillance, no outsider or staff can access the vaults without passwords, shared only with the user. Storage rooms are cleaned and fumigated at regular intervals. Safety measures are taken to prevent chances of mishaps and in case of emergency, customers are informed immediately. Bondi Removals’ Storage Sydney also insures commodities against damage during accidents. You have to pay on hourly basis of service via cash or credit cards.   For further details call them, you can also visit their website