Bondi Storage Sydney: Fully protected storing spaces

Posted by: Peter on Sep 27, 14 | Comments Off on Bondi Storage Sydney: Fully protected storing spaces
You may plan quite well in advance to relocate your houses or offices; however, you never know whether the removal would be fully carried out as planned. There are varying aspects and circumstances in the relocation of houses and offices, and it may so happen that you need to store the goods somewhere before being relocated to the new place. And, it is for this reason that the Bondi Removals & Taxi Trucks maintain several fully protected storing spaces at various locations. Highly appreciated for the removal services and the fully protected storing spaces, the Bondi Storage Sydney has always won the hearts of their clients since 1980. The frequently arising queries below can render you illuminating information about the storage facilities:
  • How long can I store the goods in the storage?
It depends upon your choice; however, you may have to pay the price as per the time period you store the goods.
  • Which location would be best suitable for me?
The storage facility is available in various prime locations, and you can select the one that is most convenient to you.
  • Will I be given a key of the storage?
Once the final inventory is done after storing; the key will be handed over to you.
  • Is there any limitation to access my goods in the storage?
There is no limitation. You can access the goods in the storage whenever you desire.
  • Is there any facility of protecting the goods from moisture and pests?
The storage spaces have been built in such a way that moisture; pests, and burglars, etcetera would remain at bay.
  • How can I make payment?
You can make payment by your credit and debit cards. Also, the cash payment would be accepted.   The security spaces are decked with the latest security systems. Also, it is protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week by security personnel on site. Throughout its history, the Bondi Storage Sydney has always fulfilled the expectations of the clients, and you would surely be more than happy to have taken their services.   You can get more information at