Bondi Storage Sydney offering advanced and secured storage solutions for commercial and residential needs

Posted by: Peter on Nov 22, 14 | Comments Off on Bondi Storage Sydney offering advanced and secured storage solutions for commercial and residential needs
During renovations or moving, finding additional storage space at times turns into a necessity. This is where Bondi Storage Sydney comes as a respite. This company offers ventilated, well maintained and secure storage both for commercial and residential needs. They provide a clean, safe and accessible space for storing equipments, inventory, business files, boxes of memories, household furniture and so on. The best part of it is that these warehouses are equipped with advanced facilities such as special safety locks, guards and CCTV cameras. Not only this, they also provide advanced storage solutions where the room can be opened with special identities and sensors as set by administrator. With them, one will rest assured that their goods are safe whether they require some temporary storage or are moving home/office. bondi 15 Now relocate smoothly With Bondi Storage Sydney clients can keep their tension away, especially when it comes to the expenses they will incur while shifting their office or home space. They provide specialized storage options for furniture which helps them store furniture under safe conditions as well as good bifurcated cubicles for the duration one needs them. This will aid one to relocate smoothly, devoid of harming their possessions and moving it to the new location at a go. Attractive features
  • They have a specially designed storage unit to help people store their valuable property
  • The storage space is moisture free and dry
  • Offer insurance against theft and accidents
  • The surroundings are clean and hygienic and dust and vermin proof too
  • Highly secure
Absolutely safe and trustworthy One’s belongings are precious and irreplaceable. Definitely they will not want any damage to happen to it, thus it is wise to choose such storage space as it will give one the confidence that they have entrusted their goods in safe and trustworthy hands. So go ahead and start packing the valuable items for storage. To know more, check their website