Bondi Storage Sydney: Taking utmost care of your goods

Posted by: Peter on Sep 6, 14 | Comments Off on Bondi Storage Sydney: Taking utmost care of your goods
If you have heard of Bondi Removals then you must be acquainted with the innumerable services they provide brimming of quality. Not only are they experienced they are also renowned in the field of relocation. Whether it is your home or office you want to relocate, they are at your service. In case you need to store your goods for some time before they get delivered at the destination, they provide storage units for the same which is highly maintained and well secured. Advantage of the store unit It becomes very exhausting when you have to contact one shipment company for transporting your goods and then another company for storing them. Bondi Storage Sydney understands this hassle borne process and so they provide you integrated services all under the same roof. You are not only saved from multiple calls but also the tracking process is much easier in this manner. Bondi Removals do not charge for any administration fees of the storage units. They also do not ask you for any bond in advance. All the charges are incurred depending on the services availed by you hourly. The price rate along with this service is flexible. Due care at the storage unit Once you choose to store your goods for some days with Bondi Storage Sydney, all your worries evaporate. The furniture is covered with blankets. All other valuables are covered with sheets, plastics or pads as is the requirement. Proper ventilation is provided. The units are fumigated and also cleaned on a regular basis. As far as security is concerned, all your packages are duly marked with your respective name and code as they enter. You are given the access to your vault in particular. Security cameras are installed to continuously monitor any mishap. You are immediately communicated if anything goes wrong. With the countless shipment they have succeeded in, Bondi Removals have made it a point to provide satisfaction for their customers. For more information visit the page