Butchers Paperapprox 50 sheets$8.00 each




Book Cartons (small box) 420x320x360 mm $4.00 each
Butchers Paper approx 125 sheets $18.00 roll
Butchers Paper approx 250 sheets $30.00 roll
Bubble Sheets (large roll) 10 sheets $10.00 roll
Bubble Kraft sold in 5 meter lots (1500mm wide) $25.00 p/lot
Dining chair cover 2 covers per pack $12.00 each
Furniture Pads 3.4x1.8 m $30.00 each
Golf/Garage Box (for garden tools, golf clubs) 450x300x1150 mm $10.00 each
Lounge Covers 2 or 3 seater $12.00 each
Lounge chair covers single-seater $12.00 each
Bed Cover single, double, Queen, & King Size $12.00 each
Picture Cartons 775x75x1040 mm $8.00 each
Porta Robe with metal hanger (Heavy Duty) 475x600x1100 mm $30.00 each
Standard Carton (large box) 450x420x635 mm $8.00 each
Tape 75 meters long $5.00 roll
Hire of porta robes on a Daily basis with metal hanger $10.00 each
Hire of porta robes on Longer than one day with metal hanger $15.00 each
Wine Carton with two inserts fits a dozen standard bottles $10.00 each
* Prices subject to change
All prices effective 9/07/20

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