Common Pitfalls of Choosing Furniture Removalists in Sydney

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Anyone who has relocated can say with conviction that moving is a lengthy and tiring process involving lots of packing and heavy lifting. Like others, there will come a time when you’ll have to relocate, whether it’s for work or personal reasons. But you can skip the stressful and complicated method, especially in moving your furniture to a new location, by hiring furniture removalists in Sydney.

Every business strives to deliver customer satisfaction, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have things to improve on their services. While these removal companies have proven years of experience in the industry, there are some things that you have to consider.

Before you employ removal services in Sydney for your precious pieces of furniture, try to consider the following common pitfalls when choosing removal companies.

Expensive services

It’s common knowledge that moving to another location is costly. There are extra goods and services to purchase to make everything perfect on the moving date. And furniture removal services are additional expenses that are a tad expensive.

You might have already made a budget plan for the relocation. But you need to update the document whenever you consider getting professionals to move your furniture. Most companies have varying prices that depend on the distance to the destination and the sizes and weight of the furnishings.

Usually, moving companies only indicate the base prices on their services page. You have to take note that there can be additional fees, especially if you have many pieces of furniture that need moving. If you are willing to pay the price, it’s better to have a consultation first so you can communicate your enquiries and get an estimate. When they are not transparent on their rates, you should be aware of the red flag and try choosing another company.

No control over the process

The process of moving to a new location is not a one-man job. There are various things to plan and organise before and during the official relocation date. And it becomes easier if you are more involved by spearheading the process.

Although preparing to relocate is tiring, it still gives a rewarding and comforting feeling knowing that you know your furniture and things are well-packed and sorted. Your control over the process becomes limited when you hire furniture removalists in Sydney.

Providing the location and your preferred schedule is the only thing you can do, and it’s already on their turf when it comes to the packaging supplies, packing methods, and moving techniques. You can make requests, but sometimes there’s no guarantee that they can cater to your demand considering their means and the services you avail.

Poor customer service

Customer satisfaction is at the core of every business. Unfortunately, some businesses fail to provide excellent customer service due to several reasons. As a new client, you should consider how the staff answer your enquiries, handle your requests, and solve your concerns.

Receiving good customer care and service might not be part of the package, but it impacts your impression and trust in the company. You can already observe this during the first few phone calls after the consultation. In that case, it’s not worth risking your money and entrusting your furniture to removalists that don’t value their clients.

Hence, it’s always beneficial to have a few more options and action plans when you encounter poor service or rude staff. Consider reviewing testimonies and getting recommendations to avoid experiencing bad service.

Unwanted delays in service

Many factors can cause postponements of schedule and other inconveniences. Perhaps you haven’t fully met the terms of service, leading to the company putting you on hold, or they failed to finish packing and storing your furniture within the deadline.

Without complete control over the process, you can’t see their progress and gauge their pace. So, you should take the initiative in checking your timeline and the furniture removalists’ service booking schedule if the pick-up and arrival match. Make the necessary call to your service provider and ask about the reason behind the delays, the possible reschedule date and the refund policy, just in case.

This slight delay can hinder your unpacking plans and other related activities. You should be proactive in making follow-up inquiries to ensure your furniture can arrive soonest. Unexpected circumstances like this should be sorted out properly, especially since it’s an inconvenience on your part.

Inefficient movers

Customers don’t always experience the same quality of service, which is why some are happy with the service they received while others are upset. So, you should expect many possible issues that you may experience, such as ineffective processes.

If, unfortunately, you were assigned to an inefficient team, problems will undoubtedly arise. Ineffectiveness in the process can lead to mishandling of goods, affecting the company’s reputation and causing distress on your end. So, make sure to be in constant contact with the head of the team. You can quickly get updates on the process, know the problems, and suggest a mitigation process.

No insurance policy

Insured moving companies are more reliable because, in case of lost boxes, broken furniture, etc., the insurance can cover the losses and damage. It’s an excellent means of managing possible risks while the company handles your belongings.

A company without an insurance policy or those that failed to renew one is a red flag. It would be best if you don’t trust your furniture to an uninsured moving company. They can’t guarantee you a proper legal resolution if your possessions get lost or damaged during the move. So, it’s wise to enquire about their current insurance policy and its expiration to be safe.

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