How to Find the Right Removalists to Handle Your Move

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Moving places is always difficult and stressful. While there is a surge of excitement in the first few stages, an enormous wave of worry comes after. There’s no such thing as winging it or making it up as one goes along. You have to be meticulous and organised, from the planning to the actual moving day. And hiring the right removalists in eastern suburbs is a smart move.

The services of professional removalists can make your moving easier. But what do they do in the first place?

What is a Removal Company?

A removal company is an establishment that provides services to move the belongings of an individual or a business from one location to another. They don’t only move boxes of essential possessions but also pieces of furniture and equipment. Some companies offer interstate removal services, while others provide local moving services.

Tips on Finding the Trusted Removalists to Help You Move

If you are looking for reliable removalists in eastern suburbs to experience a hassle-free move, it’s essential to research your preferred company before hiring one. That said, allow us to guide you on hiring the right removalists to entrust and handle your possession, so read on to learn more.

Ask for recommendations

The simplest way to get many options is to get recommendations from your trusted people. Whether they are your family, friends, colleagues, or business partners, it’s significant to ask those who have first-hand experience getting removalists services.

They can tell you about your experiences and whether they were satisfactory or mediocre. You can also ask about the best parts of the service and the unsatisfactory factors. You can narrow down your choices and do more comprehensive research.

Read reviews online

Customer feedback is always essential not only for the business but also for other interested clients. To successfully hire the right removalists, read the reviews found on their website. Know the different experiences of the clients and compare and contrast their concerns.

After reading the testimonials, don’t forget to check how the business handled negative and positive feedback. How they addressed the satisfied and upset customers is a glimpse of the service that you’ll be receiving. So, be sure to consider it.

Check offered services

Although it’s common knowledge that moving companies offer removalists services, most offer other packages that cater to the different needs of the clients, such as packing and storage services. It is convenient for the customers because they don’t have to add extra effort or double their expenses to find the help they need in a company.

That said, you have to check their offered services and their description. Some companies give brief explanations for the benefit of the clients; and, from that, decide whether they can attend to your needs or not. If they don’t have all-inclusive services, you may look for other more convenient and affordable options.

Get a comprehensive estimate

An estimate is more than just a piece of paper; it’s an important document that will help you get an idea about the cost and set a realistic budget for your moving project. Many companies offer free consultation and issue a quote afterwards.

So, all you have to do is call or meet with a company representative and discuss the services and their prices. That way, you get more ideas about the packages and set an expectation. Most importantly, you can create a budget for your relocation plan.

Discuss additional charges

Sometimes, professional movers charge added fees for packaging materials, additional staffing, new pieces of equipment, and more. And, nobody wants that kind of surprise, which compromises your budget.

Be sure to enquire about the additional charges and their terms. It’s better to be aware of the increasing cost beyond the budget. Awareness of the added fees also helps prevent being a victim of rogue movers.

Enquire about insurance

Nothing tops the calm and comfort of knowing that you’ve entrusted your possessions to movers with insurance plans. You don't have to panic in worst-case scenarios, such as lost boxes, broken furniture, and incomplete items, because you know you’ll get compensated for it. Be upfront with your preferred moving company, ask about their existing insurance policies, and enquire about expiration and coverage. So, you’ll know your valuables are safe during your scheduled move.

Beware of These Moving Company Red Flags

Not every business can please its clients, and however, a wise customer knows to weigh things out before putting their trust and money in the removalists in Eastern suburbs. So, here are the familiar red factors you should be aware of when hiring professional movers.

Not transparent with their rates

When it comes to enquiring removalists that aren’t transparent with their prices, you should always be on your guard. Although you can give them the benefit of the doubt, there’s still a big possibility that there are under the table fees or, worse, you’re getting scammed. So, it’s better to proceed to your other options and compare.

No insurance protection

Without an existing insurance policy, your belongings are at risk. Whether your things got lost, broken, or damaged while in transit or due to mishandling, you can’t do anything besides complain. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll get compensated because there’s no insurance to cover the damage.

Unlicensed movers

Nothing tops the peace of mind of knowing that you are transacting with a licensed company. Regardless of how long they are in business, it’s best to see that they are operating legally. So, either ask about their licence or check it out in your local online business directory.

Bondi Removals, Moving Everything with Care

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