Move Your Aquarium with Bondi Sydney Removalists

Posted by: Peter on Mar 6, 15 | Comments Off on Move Your Aquarium with Bondi Sydney Removalists
When you are moving to a new place, you will find that it comes with some special challenges. One of them can be when you are relocating to your new home with a fish tank. The journey can be really stressful for your fish. Even if you take the best precautions, you may lose some. Bondi Sydney Removalists are experts in moving aquariums and when you are moving from one place to another with your fish tank, prudency demands you call them. Follow procedures to save fish There are some relocation experts that advise you to sell the fish and buy new ones when you arrive at the new home. However, if you are not ready to sell your fish, you have to first the tank and later move the fish. You should never move the fish in the tank. The biggest challenge that you face when you are moving the aquarium is the filtration system of the tank. If there no oxygen in the water, the aerobic bacteria will die in a few hours. It will take some hours for you to dis-assemble, pack and unpack to rebuild the fish tank. bondi 13 Bank on Bondi Sydney removalists for safe aquarium moves If you are moving near, the movers may keep the bacteria colony or else you have to begin it again. If you are moving far, the movers will place the fish in a container. The tank should be drained and if the move is short, some of the water should be kept for the preservation of the bacteria colony. If the move is short, the removalists will place your filter medium in a sealed container that is chemical free and sealed. For longer moves, you should discard or either clean the filter media. The other accessories of the fish tank should be packed. If you are going for a short move, you should take sufficient de-chlorinated water and get it moving through the filter. In this manner your fish tank can be moved to the new place safely. To contact Bondi Sydney removalists, please visit