Experience has taught us that giving a fixed quote per job is unfair to our customers and therefore on ourselves. We understand that in the course of having your goods moved unexpected things arise. With this in mind, we prefer to give you an hourly rate based on your needs. With full quotes, we have found that our customers can become very dissatisfied when staff refuse to do things outside the parameters of the quote. Also if a quote is given, you have to pay even if you, your friends or family are helping with the job. However, with an hourly rate, we can give better service to our customers and help with all small adjustments if asked. The office staff is monitoring the removal times and the cost of removal is worked out by the office. So you can be assured that you are paying for accurate time used. Our charges start from our base and times are estimated back to our base and then charged up to the nearest quarter of an hour. We accept payment in the form of cash and/or credit card only. When paying cash have the cash on hand, with credit card the cardholder must be present unless previously authorised by the cardholder. We do not accept cheques or EFTPOS at all.  


Butchers Paper approx 50 sheets$11.00 roll




Book Cartons (small box) 420x320x360 mm $5.00 each
Butchers Paper approx 125 sheets $22.00 roll
Butchers Paper approx 250 sheets $40.00 roll
Bubble Sheets (in a roll) 10 sheets per roll $11.00 roll
Bubble Kraft sold in 5 meter lots (1500mm wide) $25.00 p/lot
Dining chair covers 2 covers per packet $15.00 each
Furniture Pads 3.4x1.8 m $30.00 each
Golf/Garage Box (for garden tools, golf clubs) 450x300x1150 mm $10.00 each
Lounge Covers 2 or 3 seater $15.00 each
Lounge chair covers single-seater $15.00 each
Bed Covers single, double, Queen or King Size $15.00 each
Picture Cartons 775x75x1040 mm $8.00 each
Porta Robe with metal hanger (Heavy duty) 475x600x1100 mm $30.00 each
Standard Carton (large box) 450x420x635 mm $8.00 each
Tape 75 meters long $7.00 roll
Hire of porta robes on Daily basis with metal hanger $11.00 each
Hire of porta robes on Longer than one day with metal hanger $15.00 each
Wine Carton with two inserts fits a dozen standard-sized bottles $10.00 each
*Prices subject to change. Prices effective 10/03/23

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