Questions to Ask Removalists in Sydney

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At some point in your life, you may have to relocate—be it a home or office relocation. With that, you also have to bring your belongings with you so that you can continue to live a comfortable life even if you are in a different place. With skilled and experienced removalists in Sydney, Bondi Removals can help you make your moving day experience more efficient.

While we guarantee the quality of our services, here are ten questions you may ask from us or other removalists. This series of questions will help you choose the best company that will help you as you leave one place to settle in another.

1. Do You Have Testimonials or Reviews from Your Previous Clients?

When we make a purchase on the Internet, one of the factors we look into is the reviews from other people who have tried the product. The same is true with acquiring services from companies. Honest thoughts from other individuals will give you a gist of the service you will receive from the removal company.

Moreover, it would also help to ask your friends, family members, or colleagues their thoughts about the service provider. And if they have tried acquiring the services of such a company, then you will most likely come up with accurate expectations.

2. How Will the Removalists Move My Belongings?

Knowing the moving process of your belongings will help you understand how the process will go from point A to point B. This question allows you to have answers to the following:

  • The mode of transportation the company will use
  • The tools used to load and unload your belongings on the vehicle
  • The methods they apply to ensure that your things are secure during transport, especially the fragile ones
  • If they offer backloads, how will they differentiate your items from the others?

Given that your belongings are at stake here, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of their transport.

3. How Much Experience Do the Removalists Have?

Aside from the removal process, it is also essential to know about the people who will carry out the tasks. Can you trust them with the safety and security of your belongings? Do they have the necessary skills to make the moving process easier?

You may also ask removalists in Sydney if they are employees or under a contract. Doing so enables you to have an idea of the level of skills these people have. Not to generalise, but permanent employees and those who have long experience in the industry tend to care more about the business's reputation in most cases. Therefore, they are the ones who provide a higher level of service.

4. How Safe Are My Belongings during Transit?

Transferring pieces of furniture from one place to another can be challenging since these things are heavy and huge. Without the proper moving method, your furniture may get damages. Hence, you have to ask the removal company you hired about the materials and methods they use to securely transport all of your belongings, not just your furniture.

In most situations, removalists use materials like blankets, cardboard, and bubble wraps. Also, don’t forget to inform them if there are any valuables in the belongings you entrusted them to transport. This allows them to implement added measures to keep your things safe from damages.

5. What Details Do the Quote Reflects?

The quote is an important document that lets you know how much you will pay if you acquire the services of the removalists in Sydney, Inner West, and anywhere else in the world. But sometimes, the quote does not reflect the cost you have to incur for a particular service.

For this reason, it is important to know the details they will include in the quote and those that they won’t. By asking this question, you will be prepared to pay for any additional costs, should there be any. It also enables you to find a removal company that will best suit the budget you have.

6. Do You Offer Packing?

While some clients only need a moving company that helps them transport their belongings from one place to another, others need a service provider that will help them from packing to unloading. If you are one of these people, ask the company if they offer packing to save you from the hassle of wrapping up your things for the moving process.

7. Do You Provide Insurance?

One way to safeguard your valuable belongings is through insurance. However, not all companies offer insurance to their clients. Thus, you must ask them if they will provide you with one.

After knowing whether or not the company you chose offers insurance, you must also ask what it covers. This way, you will have peace of mind as your belongings get transported.

8. What Should I Do Before the Move?

As the owner of such valuable belongings, you also have to fulfil your responsibilities. Usually, Australian-based removalists ask you to remove the goods stored in your belongings to avoid unwanted situations.

These goods include fertilisers, fuel, chemicals, car batteries, plant and animal products, liquids, sharp objects, and other hazardous goods. See to it that the things you transport are free from these before the removalists arrive to ensure a smooth moving process.

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