Removalist in Sydney- Knowing & Beware of the Shady Service Providers Over the Reliable Ones

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Removalist Sydney Let’s face it – unless you are one of those new-age minimalists, you will have a ton of stuff cluttering up your home which is now giving you nightmares as your moving day draws near. And so, like a true procrastinator, you pick up the yellow pages and dial up the first relocation and storage agency in Sydney you come across. And the charming voice at the other end of the line convinces you that this company truly is the best one for your job! After all, they said all the right things:  
  • We care about your stuff
  • We provide clean-up services as well
  • We are fast and efficient
  • We are the best removalist in Sydney
  • You have nothing to worry about
But wait a moment – how much do you really know about this company in whose hands you will now be entrusting all your life’s belongings? What if they come in, pack your stuff, load it in their moving truck and simply vanish – and you are left standing in front of your new home, waiting for your home’s belongings that will never arrive! Want to avoid such nightmares? You have reached the right place!   How to Choose Professional Removalist in Sydney When There Are a Myriad of Shady and Scam Artists? Storage Sydney When it comes to moving your home, being extra careful can never hurt now, could it? Use this list of markers that clearly indicate that the company you have chosen for handling the relocation of your home isn’t what they are claiming to be. Here is how you can recognise who should not be trusted while finalising your removalist in Sydney:    
  • The company offers a too-good-to-be-true estimate for your home relocation.
  • They avoid coming over to your place to inspect your belongings or worse, they seem too eager to check your stuff out.
  • They demand a large cash deposit before the move.
  • The website of the removalist company has no local address listed.
  • Their office and space for storage in Sydney is in poor condition.
  • When you call them and the phone is answered with a generic “moving company” rather than their “company name”.
  • On moving day, a rental truck arrives to pick up your stuff rather than a company owned vehicle.
  • They are unable to provide you with a legitimate business registration proof.
  • You can’t find a trace of this business online - its website, social media page, business listing etc., don’t exist.
  • You are unable to source any reliable recommendations/testimonials/service reviews about them
  All the above listed factors are red flags that indicate that the removalist you have chosen for your relocation project isn’t someone that deserves your trust. Any shady behaviour on part of the service provider should be considered as a cause for concern.   Removalist in Sydney   Harbor no qualms in your heart that you are about to break a contract or waste a service provider’s time – tell them to pack up their things and leave right away! You cannot and should not risk the safety of your home and belongings, especially to someone that your instinct aren’t finding trustworthy.   It is always better to ask a removalist in Sydney to visit your home and provide you with an estimate – a personal meeting provides you with an opportunity to judge the service provider before finalising the deal with them. Make sure you follow the precautions mentioned above!