Secure your goods at Bondi Storage Sydney

Posted by: Peter on Aug 28, 14 | Comments Off on Secure your goods at Bondi Storage Sydney
It really becomes a problem when you need to ship your goods with one removals company and to store the same goods with a different removals company. Bondi Removals provides a solution to this problem by integrating both the services. Sometimes it may so happen that your goods need to halt for a while before reaching the destination. In such instance you can store your goods safely with the Bondi Storage Sydney. They make sure that the best care is taken. As you are leaving your valuables with them both in the store house and with the dock, they ensure full safety and security. From the smallest of goods to as large as furniture and vehicle, Bondi Removals have the provisions of storing all of them. The storage houses are properly cleaned regularly and sprayed with fumigant. Proper ventilation is provided so that your goods get fresh air. All your shipment is covered with plastic, pads or blankets. No sooner does your good arrive that the professionals at Bondi Removals are at work. They are carefully itemised and marked with your name and code on it. No one apart from you and their personnel can access these storage units so that safety is promised to you at hand. You will be provided with keys and in case of any mishap, communication at the earliest is guaranteed. All the pricing is done on individual items so there is no question of being misled. They also come up to with flexible modes of payment as monthly or weekly as it may suit you. As only one company takes care of all the belongings, the task becomes hassle free. The Bondi Storage Sydney does not require any bonds for the same. Be it locks or administration of the units, you are not charged for them. As far as cost is considered, Bondi Removals is affordable and more economical as compared to personal storage units. All your issues are handled by them. Reliability of services is ensured at the highest level. For further details, log in to