For a hassle free move we need to have some basic information:
  • When do you need to do your furniture removal?
  • From where to where are you moving? (ie Suburb to Suburb or State to State)
  • How large a furniture removal job will it be? (ie 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms etc or just a few items?)
  • What is your access like? (ie can the truck park outside? Is there a driveway etc?)
  • Are there flights of stairs or lift involved?
  • Do any goods have to be lifted over a balcony?
  • Are any of the furniture items being moved unusually large, awkward or heavy?
  • Are there any time restrictions on your removal day?
For more details see quote request section. Furniture Removals Sydney - Domestic Removalist Sydney


Helpfull information required:
  • How many people are there in the office?
  • Are there extra heavy items to be relocated? (ie Safe, Photo copier etc)
  • Do you require packing materials?
  • Do you require our packing services?
  • What is your office relocation date?
  • Where are you moving from and to?
  • Are there any parking restrictions at either location?
  • Are there loading docks for trucks?
  • What is the height of the docks?
  • Can the lifts be locked off?
For more details see quote request section. Commercial Removalists Sydney - Commercial Furniture Removal Sydney Bondi Removals - Furniture Removalists Sydney


We have public liability for your property. Our workers are covered by workers compensation. Our trucks are covered by truck insurance. Our storage is covered by fire insurance (optional. Incurs small additional charge) However your furniture or personal effects are not covered by any of the above. If you wish to have full insurance cover you may organise this directly by phoning Carts Insurance on 1300 880 253 or visiting them online at
Removals Insurance Australia Insure your goods whilst being packed, moved and in storage with a CARTS Removals and Storage Insurance policy.


We provide regular weekly interstate runs to; Australian Capital Territory
  • Anywhere accessible by truck (For 2 bedroom units or larger)
New South Wales
  • Central Coast (Monday - Saturday with advanced notice)
  • North up to the Queensland border
  • Southwest down to the Victorian border (For 3 bedroom units or larger)
  • We go as far as Port Douglas and all towns in between.
  • We go to Melbourne and all towns in between. (For 3 bedroom units or larger)
General Information
  • Delivery day depends on the destination.
  • Price charged according to number of items taken.
  • We charge backloading rates.
For more details see quote request section. Interstate Removalists NSW - Interstate Removalists QLD


It is your choice. First Choice - we can do packing for you. Charges are based on hours spent on packing plus cost of packing material used. Second Choice - You pack the easier items leaving us kitchen crockery, crystalware and brakeables etc. Cheaper Choice - we can deliver cartons to you and you will do all your own packing. (for an additional fee) Cheapest Choice - you can come to our base and pick up cartons from here and then do your packing. Please note we issue a full refund on returned unused boxes. Please do not pack heavy or fragile items in large cartons, use small boxes instead. Click here for cost of packing materials Click here to find out more about moving boxes


Our Sydney storage solutions are a security storage complex which means there is no access for individuals other than our employees. Upon arrival our employees make an itemised list and place numbered stickers with your name and a number on your goods. We load your furniture at your place and you wave it goodbye, until you are ready to have it delivered to your new place. Price is worked out on individual items to be stored, so it is important to have a list ready.

Our Sydney Storage Units

We store in dry warehouse type units, seperated by partions, and furniture is placed on pallets allowing air to ventilate. Beds are covered with plastic, everything else is covered with pads or blankets. Units are regularly cleaned and fumigated.

Advantages of this type of storage are:

  1. One company takes care of your belongings.
  2. We do not charge administration or cleaning fees.
  3. We do not require a bond, you do not have to purchase locks.
  4. We do not require notice in writing when you wish to have your goods out.
  5. You have flexibility of monthly or weekly rates.
  6. This type of storage is generally more economical than a self storage.
  7. Being a security storage complex, you're goods are safe. There are security cameras monitoring and passkeys are required to access and leave the facility.

For more details on our Sydney Storage solutions see quote request section.

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