Storage Sydney from Bondi Removals: Security assured

Posted by: Peter on Aug 28, 14 | Comments Off on Storage Sydney from Bondi Removals: Security assured
No one would like to suffer the loss or tampering of goods during relocation of home or office. This is the very reason that you are made aware time and again to choose the right shipping company who would not only deliver your goods safely at the destination but will also store them safely in their store-house. When you avail of the facilities provided by Storage Sydney from Bondi Removals, you not only land yourself the best relocation company but also save yourself the worries of your valuables when you need to store them for some time. Look out for the facilities they bring for you There might be a gap of few days in your home or office goods to reach the destination. The Storage Sydney from Bondi Removals will store your goods safely. You can store furniture, electronic goods, kitchen essentials or even vehicles. The right space and right care is provided for all. Once your goods enter their storage unit they are marked with your name and number. You are given full access to your particular vault anytime during the storage period. There is full security as security cameras are installed and in case of any mishap you are informed immediately. The storage vaults are fumigated and cleaned. Every item is covered with plastics, blankets or pads as is the requirement. Moreover, pricing is done on every count of the item so the procedure remains very clear and hassle-free. You are the beneficiary here Storage Sydney of Bondi Removals brings to you a number of advantages. As only one company looks after both your shipment and storage, you are saved the juggling of tasks and unnecessary calls. No administration fee is charged by them. The storage unit is their undertaking; hence, you do not need to purchase locks. The mode of payment may be monthly or weekly as you would like. Not only Bondi Removals ensure the safety of your goods, they promise you the top class service which you can further know at