What Boxes Do You Need to Help With Your Move?

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Whether you are moving to another location for residential or business purposes, you have to sort and pack your belongings before you go. Hence, it’s essential to have the moving supplies to make your relocation smoother and easier. And, out of all the packing materials available, moving boxes in Sydney are the most crucial materials.

There are many moving boxes that everyone who plans to relocate should know. Allow us to introduce you to the various moving boxes, so read on to learn more.

Cardboard Boxes

The most common storage material is cardboard boxes. They are made by compressing recycled paper into two liners. Most cardboard boxes are often 0.25 mm thicker than paper. They are often used to store and protect the items that need transferring to the new place.

They come in different sizes, and each has other perks and functions. The small box measuring 12 to 14 inches can fit small and heavy items and are easier to carry around. The remaining sizes are medium, 14 to 18 inches, and large, 18 to 24 inches. The former is perfect for small to medium household stuff, while the latter is ideal for massive yet lightweight items.

While cardboard boxes are functional and accessible, their price point is also why many individuals and moving companies use them. But they need to be appropriately taken care of since they are made of paper and can be easily damaged.

Wardrobe Boxes

Sometimes, clothes are among the hardest things to pack. Sorting and folding them adds to the tiring tasks of packing and relocating. And, corrugated boxes might not be the best material for them. That’s when wardrobe boxes come in handy. They are specially made to transport your clothes during the moving day securely.

Wardrobe boxes are like moving closets that can fit around 20-30 hangers, and they have a metal hanging bar in which you can hang your clothes. So, you don’t have to fold and fit your clothes in a storage box, and you have to measure your closet and identify the number of wardrobe boxes you’ll need.

Mattress Boxes

When moving to a new location, packing your mattresses is not easy, and you need to have enough storage to put them. That’s why mattress boxes are essential; some are made of cardboard while others are made of more durable material, like plastic.

They can protect your mattresses and other pieces of bed accessories while in transit, and they can keep your items clean and sealed. And, you can quickly identify and unbox them when you are ready to organise your new bedroom.

Air-tight Plastic Bins

Air-tight plastic bins are what you need for heavier items, such as cookware, appliances, furniture, etc. They are sturdier and more versatile. Whatever you want to store in them, you can ensure that they are far from getting damaged because they are durable and waterproof.

Plastic bins are for multipurpose use and have more outstanding qualities than other containers. They are convenient, cost-efficient, and lightweight. While they aren’t as eco-friendly as corrugated boxes, there are many ways to maximise them, such as reusing the bins to store non-essential items.

Wooden Crates

If you want a more durable and environmentally friendly box, wooden crates are perfect. They can accommodate heavy and valuable stuff, such as fragile and antique pieces of furniture and décor. And you’ll be at ease knowing that they can’t be quickly damaged during the transit.

Wooden crates are made from plywood and steel clips, and some of them have removable panels ideal for loading and unloading. Whether you move to another country or city, you can trust wooden crates to store and protect your items, especially the fragile ones.

Insulated foam containers

When moving, you have to consider how to transport your remaining food items and medicinal supplies efficiently. They are made of expanded polystyrene, making them lightweight and easy to carry.

Since refrigerators and coolers can take up too much space on your moving truck, using insulated foam containers is practical. They have tight-fitting lids that ensure the safety of your perishable and temperature-sensitive items while in transit.

How to Select the Right Boxes When Moving?

While there are many kinds of moving boxes in Sydney, it’s confusing and hard to choose the right one. Each has different features and purposes, which you have to consider to achieve a hassle-free move. So, here are some tips for picking the best boxes that fit your needs.

Check the sizes

Moving boxes come in different sizes. Sometimes, the type of container you want might not have enough space to fit your things. And, buying more small boxes instead of finding a bigger alternative can cost you a fortune. That’s why it’s essential to check the variety of sizes that your preferred container offers to save more time, money, and effort.

Examine the material

The material of your boxes can determine their qualities. By learning about what they are made of, you can estimate their durability, versatility, functionality, and other aspects. And you can pack effectively. It’s also a good way of saving your precious belongings from unwanted damage, especially during transit.

Know their qualities

Most moving boxes have a variety of features. Some can accommodate huge and heavy items, while others can only carry small and lightweight ones. Some boxes are waterproof and scratch resistant. You’ll know what boxes are perfect for your antique stuff, perishable products, heavy items, and more from their qualities. And, you don’t have to bulk-buy boxes and purchase other kinds of containers that are more functional and suitable for your items.

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